Catalyzing decentralized bio experiments

Flatworm Watcher [Under Development]

3D Printed Planarian monitoring device with Raspberry Pi camera

Planarian flatworms are model organisms for longevity, regeneration, and distributed memory.

The Flatworm Watcher is a device to carry out long running planarian studies.

Designed with infrared lighting to reduce the effects of planarian photosensitivity.

Pre-loaded with peer-to-peer networking for inter lab collaboration.

Funding support provided by Impetus Grants.

👾 Radicle Repo

Mitosys [Under Research]

Mitosys is a device to grow your own cells at home.

Designed around the simple premise that biomedicine should be as accessible and connected as the internet.

With automatic peer-to-peer networking, Mitosys combines all the possibilities of biology with all the capabilities of computing.

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